The Advantages of The KCVENTS Wall Mounted HRV

The wall-mounted HRV VT501 fresh air blower is unique to fresh air. Its installation method is to drill holes on the wall, and then install the fresh air blower on the hole. Through this hole, the indoor and outdoor air can be replaced, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.


Modular installation

The fresh air wall-type fresh air fan generally has a relatively small air volume. Each bedroom or living room will configure the location and number of fresh air fans according to the area, and finally achieve the purpose of independent “breathing” in each room.

Easy to install
The installation of wall-mounted fresh air fan only needs to punch a hole in the wall, and professional punching tools will not affect the decoration style of the family.

Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

Low noise

The ventilation concept of the fresh air wall type machine is to ventilate continuously for 24 hours. The air volume of the fresh air blower is generally relatively small, the noise is also very small, and it has no impact on daily life.

Simple maintenance

The wall-type fresh air blower has a simple way to replace the filter element, and it can be learned once in operation, so there is no difficulty in maintenance.

Low cost

The power of the wall-mounted machine is relatively small, and if it is ventilated for 24 hours, the monthly electricity bill is only 2-6RMB; the filter element only needs to be replaced once in 3-6 months, and the price of the filter element is not high. Therefore, if a wall-mounted machine with fresh air is installed, the maintenance cost is low and the daily power consumption is low. It is the first choice for your home.

Heat Recovery Ventilator VT501


Wall mounted HRV fresh air fans generally have the best effect when matched with negative pressure exhaust fans. Install a negative pressure exhaust fan in the bathroom of your home to use with the wall-mounted machine, which can discharge the polluted air in the whole house in time and realize the free breathing of the house. In fact, there is no absolute difference between ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and wall-mounted fresh air fans. We should choose according to the needs and application scenarios. But no matter which type of fresh air product you choose, you must comprehensively consider its air volume, sound noise, purification capacity, heat exchange rate, and of course the price!