KCVENTS GX-1 In-Duct Air Purifier

In-Duct Air Purifiers

KCVENTS In-duct air purifiers, also known as “in-line” air purifiers, are a type of air purification system integrated into the house or business’s existing HVAC ductwork to clean the air in your home. Read on to learn more about your options for in-duct air purification.

Induct Air Purifier

What Is an In-Duct or In-Line Air Purifier?

In-line air purifiers are air purifiers installed entirely within your home or business’s existing ductwork. Your system (furnace or air conditioner) must be running to benefit from this type of air purifier.

These systems do not simply filter the air—that step has already been taken care of by your HVAC system’s internal air filter. An air purifier neutralizes dust, dander, dirt, pollen, and germs using the power of UV light and ionization technology.

How Do In-Duct Air Purifiers Work?

There are two key types of in-duct air purifiers: 1. UV air purifiers and 2. Ionization air purifiers. In-duct air purifiers purify the air or ionize the air as it passes through ductwork. Do in-duct air purifiers work as well as portable air purifiers? Absolutely – they work as well if not better than most portable or in-furnace models.

In-duct air purifiers are highly effective – choose the model that’s right for your property.

Induct Air Purifier

UV Air Purifiers

You’ve heard that sunlight can kill germs, right? UV air purifiers aim to replicate this process in a closed and controlled environment using UVV and UVC rays. A UV air purifier uses UV rays to neutralize harmful particles that pass through the air duct. Because air streaming through a home’s ducts has already passed through a filter, this method is predominantly used to neutralize germs, odors, and very small particles that can pass through a common HVAC filter.

Ionization Air Purifiers

Ionization air purifiers clean the air by electrically charging air molecules so that they bond with positively charged particles—including dirt, dust, smoke, soot pollen, and germs. When the particles bond, they become heavy and fall on to the ground or a nearby surface, allowing them to be swept or vacuumed up over time.

Extended Media Filters

All furnaces come with a pre-installed filter designed to catch large particles in the air as they move throughout the HVAC system. An extended media filter is a thick set of specially designed MERV-rated filters, installed in-duct, that enhance the filtration powers of your existing system.

Extended media are considered passive air filters and come in a variety of makes and models. Many use polarized media to capture electrically charged particles in the filter.

Induct Air Purifier

Which In-Duct Purifier Is Right for Me?

When selecting the right in-duct air purifier for your home or business, think about what’s most important to your overall air purification goals. UV air purifiers may be preferred where neutralizing germs is the key goal. Ionizers are ideal when the main concern is with allergens: dust, dander, and pollen particles in the air.

These systems also work well together. In fact, many decide to install both systems and a combination unit, to thoroughly clean the air in their property.