What Are The Effects Of The Fresh Air System On The Kindergarten Flu?

This winter, there was widespread rain and snow across the country, and the temperature gradually dropped after the beginning of winter. Both the southern and northern parts of my country have entered the season of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases such as seasonal influenza. Mostly children. This kind of weather has made kindergartens and schools lively with epidemic viruses. Recently, there are not a few children who have been infected by epidemic diseases. This has caused many parents and teachers to feel headaches. If the children are sick and cannot go to school, who will bring them, and their homework will be delayed. Who will make up? The high absenteeism rate in schools and kindergartens has caused controversy in schools. These are all difficult problems. In winter, the weather is cold and the doors and windows are tightly closed. The air is not in a confined space. Circulation is prone to the problem of one infection and multiple infections.

Single-room ventilation systems With Heat Recovery

Studies have shown that the higher the concentration of PM2.5 particles, the higher the probability of inducing diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular disease. Especially on the basis of influenza, PM2.5 particles are inhaled by the human body into the bronchus, which interferes with the gas exchange in the lungs, and the chances of inducing asthma and coughing will be greater. The school is crowded with people, the space is small and confined, and the PM2.5 in the air instantly explodes. If you encounter smog or extreme cold weather, the probability of infection will greatly increase. This is also the focus of society.

At this time, the fresh air system can come in handy. Now many schools and kindergartens adopt the method of installing fresh air systems to prevent these problems, not only to prevent infectious diseases, but also to fight haze and ensure the oxygen that children need to grow up. The diameter of the virus is generally less than 1 micron, that is to say, the diameter of the virus is much smaller than PM2.5. Many people believe that the filter of the fresh air system cannot filter out the virus because the diameter of the virus is so small. But the fact is far from the case. Because the diameter of the virus is small, it is easy to be adsorbed by PM2.5 particles. When the fresh air system filters PM2.5, it will also filter out most of the virus. The fresh air system creates an effect that the indoor air is discharged layer by layer from top to bottom, and also creates an effect that the indoor air is getting cleaner from top to bottom. Even if there are people who are suffering from flu indoors, the virus will be filtered from the upper part of the room along with the airflow and sent out outdoors.

Single-room ventilation systems With Heat Recovery

The KCVENTS VT501 school fresh air system is specially built for schools. With “black technology” and humanized design, it has become the school’s “exclusive purification guard”! In terms of purification power, KCVENTS VT501 uses a large area and high-density filter. The primary, medium and high-efficiency three-stage filtration can effectively filter PM0.1 particles in the air, and the purification rate of PM2.5 is as high as 99%! Secondly, in terms of air circulation performance, the KCVENTS VT501 fresh air system can continuously deliver fresh outdoor air to the room. After the air is exchanged and purified, the dirty air in the room is exhausted to the outside, fully ensuring that the teachers and students in the classroom are always there. Enjoy the “natural wind”!