Office Desktop Air Purifiers Negative Ion Hepa Filter

  1. LED display three color indicator,Real time monitoring of air quality and PM2 5 concentration
  2. Daily smell/odor puriification DIY fragrance
  3. Virus removal rate >99.9%.It releases tens of millions of nega -tive ions every minute It can deeply decompose and kill the stubborn bacteria and viruses quickly.For example:Staph Albicans、Staph Aureus、Escherichia Coli
  4. H13 advanced composite filter multiple purication of allrgen bacteria,effectively remove indoor PM2.5 ,dust particles , bacteria , viruses allergens and other particulate matter
  5. Double cycle strong suction clean the whole house with one purifier.Suitable for living room / bedroom / officeFast delivery of clean air to cover the whole house.


Product nameAir Purifier
PurificationComposite HEPA filter+ negative ions
Working noise< 35db
Negative oxygen ion50 million/cm
Product gross weight3.8kg
Product materialAluminum alloy+ABS
Input voltage12V-2A
Rated power10W
Applicable area15-25㎡
Product sizeD198 x H328mm
Operation panelTouch screen



A. Remove the packing bag of the filter
B.Rotate to Open direction to open
C.Put in the new filter and tighten the base.
According to the usage time of the filter, there are four states:green, orange, red, and red flashing. When red or red flashes,the filter needs to be replaced. After replacing the filter, pressand hold(auto + timer)for three seconds at the sametime, the filter replacement alarm status will be cleared.Thelight is green. The filter reset was successful.
*The high-efficiency composite filter cannot be washed withwater, nor can it be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.