Mixed Flow Inline Fan

  1. Unique pressurized fluid power blades design can support high airflow and air pressure at the same time.
  2. 2Adopting NMB ball bearings power mixed-flowimpellers well.
  3. Strong metal rings made the inline fan solider, more stable operation and easy to open for installing.
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HZ-100 240155154100
HZ-200 305250160200
Application scenario

Designed for the ventilation of toilets, bathrooms, ensuites, laundries and kitchens in homes, hotels, apartments and commercial buildings. Suitable for both supply and exhaust air applications and the transfer of warm and cool air from one room to another.

Installation and use characteristics

High performance mixed-flow impeller. Fans can be easily removed for maintenance or repair without disturbing the duct system via specially designed support brackets. All models are designed for direct connection to standard diameter circular ducting. A mounting foot is incorporated into the fan housing design which assists with installation. Includes plug and lead for easy installation. Wired in high speed.

Product function effect

1.Fan body is made of environmental protection material with beautiful lines and light weight, double insulation.
2.Fan blade is designed according to hydromechanical principle to reach the optimal airflow and air pressure, high efficiency working, low energy consumption and low noise.
3.Special design of joint to facilitate installation and dismounting; Easy installation and maintenance.
4.Outer rotor motor inside, with Japanese brand NMB ball bearing, long working life over 50000 hours.
5.Protection class: IP44.
6.Can be designed with user friendly features such as time delay, temperature sense, humidity sensor or other customized functions.
7.Operating temperature range: -20ºC~60ºC.